Relationship between spiritual well-being and quality of life in hemodialysis patients

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Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Science
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Background and Purpose: Spiritual health is one of the important aspects of health status that may be influenced by QOL.
Researchers have shown the relationship between spiritual well-being & a person's general health, so that religion and spirituality are
considered the important resources for coping with stressful life events. This study aims to identify the relationship between spiritual
well-being and quality of life in hemodialysis patients.
Method: In this descriptive analytical study, 72 hemodialysis patients were selected using convenience sampling method.
Information was collected by Paloutzian spiritual health and quality of life questionnaires (SF36). Data were analyzed by using
descriptive and analytical statistics (Pearson correlation coefficient, t-test, ANOVA).
Results: In line with these findings, the quality of life of the patients (47.8) 88.47 and their spiritual health scores (21.13) 88/91, most
were moderate.There was no significant relationship between spiritual well-being and QOL. But there was a significant positive
correlation between spiritual existential aspect of well-being and the dimensions of fatigue (P=0.02, r=0.26), emotional health
(P=0.003, r=0.34), social functioning (P=0.01, r=0.29) and general health (P=0.01, r=0.29) and social performance (P=0.01, r=0.27).
Also social performance had a significant positive correlation with spiritual well-being.
Conclusion: According to the results, a significant relationship was observed between some aspects of quality of life and spiritual
well-being. In order to understand the factors affecting the quality of life, exploring strategies to improve it and strengthen some
aspects of spiritual well-being that affect the quality of life in hemodialysis patients is emphasized.

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