Risks Involved in Medical Records Processes of Al-Zahra Hospital

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Introduction: Risk management nowadays is one of the main concerns of all professions in order
to protect themselves as well as keeping a competitive edge in the market.
Analyzing risks and their consequences (FMEA) is one of the techniques of risk assessment which
has been used in this research to define and assess risks and prevention measures for the risk
Methods: In this descriptive, cross sectional study, medical record department of Al-Zahra
hospital was studied. The researcher did observe work processes and interviewed with hospital
staff during 1385-86 and then prepared a diagrammatic presentation of those processes. All
processes were reviewed in detail and possible risks and consequences, severity, accordance,
discovery and risk priority was defined through focus groups.
FEMA was used in this research. FEMA was considered reliable due to its use by researchers in
other countries and its validity is defined through expert opinion. Experts in the medical record were
consulted and suggested actions were discussed in a focus group and prioritized by department
manager according to significance and implacability. Ranking was assessed according to the
criteria of decision table in this research.
Results: 24 out of 56 possible failures were related to admission office with the highest score
related to “inability of admission personnel in re-reading admission order”.
Conclusion: Techniques such as FEMA with emphasis on group work and prevention, enhance
staff precision, and attention to their possible professional weaknesses as well as taking actions to
prevent them.

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