Progress of hospital information systems in Kerman teaching general hospitals in 2012

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Healthcare facilities have intended to mechanize their information systems 
The rate of mechanization of information systems is not similar to these  organizations
This study aimed to assess the mechanization rate of hospital information system among four
teaching- general hospitals in Kerman in 2012 
Methods: This applied research was a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted in four
teaching general hospitals. A Ministry of Health and Medical Education checklist on “Health
Information System evaluation” was used for data gathering. Data was analyzed using SPSS
13 and Excel through descriptive statistics.
Results: The Findings of this study revealed that the highest and the lowest mechanization
progress rate of the hospital information system were concerned with medical record information
system and decision support with 91.66 per cent and 15.62 per cent, respectively.
Conclusion: It is recommended that executives establish a committee to plan, organize,
supervise and hold training courses and conduct periodic assessment of hospital information
the system in order to identify and amend weaknesses and also allocate adequate budget to
hospital information system.

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