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Improvement of Hajj pilgrims' health status in Hajj-e-Tamattu

Improvement of Hajj pilgrims' health status in Hajj-e-Tamattu

Emamian M.H; Ebrahimi H.b ; Ghorbani K.c; Honarvar M.d; Shirazi P;
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Journal of Babol University of Medical S
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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Every year about one hundred thousand of Iranians go to the Hajj. The pilgrims are susceptible to different types of diseases and injuries. However, every year a considerable number of pilgrims diseased with a variety of illnesses and injuries, and sometimes admitted in Iranian or Saudi Arabia hospitals. This study aimed to investigate the strategies to improve the health status of Hajj pilgrims. METHODS: In this qualitative study, data collection was done with semi-structured individual interviews and by using purposeful sampling and content analysis. Interviews were performed during the Hajj 2010, with 14 specialist physicians and 10 caravan's physicians, caravan's managers and other executive stuffs. FINDINGS: The main strata were detailed planning before departure (in Iran) and necessary arrangements during the trip (in Saudi Arabia). These strata include three substrata of substantial measures by Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, utilizing prevention strategies by pilgrims and precise criteria for selection of executive persons in caravans. CONCLUSION: The health of Iranian Hajj pilgrims needs more attention and promotion. Preventive measures in all stages of Hajj and its processes are recommended to ensure this promotion. These measures usually are simple and easy to run.

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